Continue your support of extracurricular involvement and encourage participation in leadership roles.

   Selective colleges look for students who take on responsibilities outside of the classroom. By working a part time job, volunteering at a hospital, writing for the school newspaper or playing on the volleyball team, your student learns how to work with others. Being able to get along with a wide range of people and communicate effectively are also skills that develop through involvement outside of the classroom. Involvement in activities in high school prepares the student for extracurricular involvement in college, not to mention that these activities are often enjoyable in themselves.

   It may seem premature to begin preparing for life after college while in high school, but high school activities offer opportunities for students to learn the types of skills needed in the workplace.Student leaders learn how to plan and organize events, manage the work of others, and work with faculty or administrators. The more practice your student has developing and using these types of skills, the more prepared he or she will be for whatever lies ahead.

   During college, your son or daughter will encounter increased opportunities to participate in a variety of activities. Your student will be more likely to take advantage of the opportunities for personal growth and social interaction college offers if he or she has prior experience with the benefits of extracurricular activities. For more information on the benefits of participation in clubs, teams, and performance groups, click here.

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