Consult with your son or daughter's high school counselor for college search ideas and advice.

   High school guidance counselors can be a great resource for information on various colleges and universities. They can serve as references, maps, and matchmakers along the path to find a suitable college for your student.


   Experienced high school counselors have helped countless students search for and select a college, and have learned a great deal about the college admission process along the way. They usually know estimated enrollment statistics of popular colleges and universities and the deadlines for admission applications and financial aid.


   Guidance counselors are well acquainted with the process of searching for a college and can direct students on how to proceed from one point to the next. Your son or daughter's counselor may also know a safe shortcut that can make the process easier or important landmarks that should not be missed.


    High school counselors often possess a solid understanding of the strengths, weaknesses, and over-all character of a college because he or she has known previous students who were interested in or perhaps attended the institution. Your son or daughter's guidance counselor also knows information about your student that helps the counselor to assess which colleges would offer the most to meet your son or daughter's needs.


    Unfortunately, not all high school counselors are adequately prepared to guide a student through the college selection process. Some counselors are not up to date with current standard admission practices or recent developments in the facilities of particular colleges. In smaller schools, your child's guidance counselor may have to deal with student disciplinary issues in addition to counseling students on the college selection process. This added responsibility can detract from the attention the counselor can give your student and his or her questions.

Bottom Line:

   If you and your son or daughter feel comfortable using his or her counselor as a resource, please do. Although high school guidance counselors vary in levels of expertise, many counselors know information about the college search process that would make your student more productive and more confident as he or she travels down the college path.

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