Meeting with you High School Counselor

    One of the first steps you should take in preparing for college is to meet with your high school counselor or, if there is one available at your school, your college consultant. Your counselor will help you evaluate your abilities, interests, and talents, and develop realistic academic goals that will guide your college search.

Your First Meeting

   You'll typically want to schedule your first meeting with your counselor during your junior year of high school, though some schools prefer to start the process earlier. This meeting will be your opportunity to discuss your goals, aspirations, and limitations with someone very knowledgeable about the colleges you may be interested in. Come prepared to discuss what you're looking for in a college, what you're hoping to avoid, and where you see yourself several years down the road.

Future Meetings

   You may find it necessary - and helpful - to set up further meetings with your counselor as your college search continues. Your counselor may be able to lend valuable advice on application procedures, college visits, local scholarships, and many other topics relevant to college admissions. These meetings can be the perfect time to have someone look over your senior resum√©, essays, or recommendations. Also, your counselor can keep you on track so you don't miss out on any opportunities as your search for a college.

Keep in Mind

    Remember that not all high school counselors are suited to guiding you in your college search. Other obligations and responsibilities may prevent them from staying up-to-date on the details of college admissions. If your counselor isn't able to provide advice directly on your search, maybe another faculty member at your school can.

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