Create a space and time for your student to establish good study habits

   When college freshmen are asked what was the most difficult part of their first year at college, a vast majority respond that adjusting to classes at the college level and learning how to really study was the most stressful for them.
   As many college freshmen quickly learn, it was possible to get good grades in high school without knowing how to study effectively and efficiently. Before your son or daughter gets to college, you can help him or her prepare for the pace of college classes by encouraging good study habits through the high school years.

Step One: The Study Environment
Step Two: Time Management
Step Three: Motivation

   What this comes down to is that eventually it will be up to your son or daughter to develop study habits for some challenging course work. You can help your student now by encouraging good study habits when the classes are not as challenging and supervision is available. That way, your son or daughter will already have the right study techniques to adapt to the rigors of college classes.

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